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A browser with your interests at heart.

Browse faster by blocking ads and trackers that violate your privacy and cost you time and money.

Brave loads major news sites 2 to 8 times faster than Chrome and Safari on mobile, and nearly 2 times faster than Chrome on desktop.

Brave saves you cash. The average mobile browser user pays as much as $23 month in data charges to download ads and trackers -- that’s $276 a year. Brave blocks ads and trackers, so you don’t pay for them.

Even if you have an unlimited mobile data plan or browse exclusively on desktop, you end up paying because your information and time have value.

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Block ads and trackers

Brave blocks ads and trackers by default so you browse faster and safer. You can add ad blocking extensions to your existing browser, but it’s complicated and they often conflict with one another because browser companies don't test them. Worse, the leading ad blockers still allow some ads and all trackers.